Simple and efficient
way to keep track of people who owe you!

Manage money going in and out of your business, issue receipts, and send reminders to the customers that owe you.


Have Your Accounting In Order With Just Your Smartphone

With only your smartphone, you can stay on top of your business accounts. No spreadsheets, no complex formulas or multiple hard copy documents. It’s all the financial record keeping you need in one place!

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Manage your transactions with ease.

You no longer have to worry where your money is going.
With Sabi, you can clearly see how much comes in and goes out; for what, to whom and when.

Never miss a payment.

Do you know that delayed payments are 5x more likely to be made after reminders? Are you struggling to keep up with all your customers? No wahala! Sabi helps you remind customers that owe you to pay up.

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Shine your eyes!

Know as your business dey go - with periodic statements on the app, you can know the state of your business and have better control of it.

With special features like the "Most sold item", you can make better informed decisions.

People wey Sabi

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How does sabi make your life easier?

  • You can worry less about the numbers.

  • You can spend more on your business.

  • You can have your accounting done on the move with just your mobile phone.

  • Increase your cash inflow.

  • Your records become easier to reference.